About Us

Who we are

We are a not-for-profit organization registered with the city of Nashville. The GAMT was formed in 1986 with the initial goal of uniting and fostering the spirit of friendship and brotherhood amongst the over 1,000 -families -strong Ghanaian population living in Metropolitan Nashville and surrounding areas of Tennessee.

Our Mission

While some of the original goals of the GAMT include improving the social, economic, cultural and intellectual needs of our members, today, the GAMT has programs that help to improve the educational and health sectors back home in Ghana.
In short, we reside here but we have not forgotten where we came from, for, we truly believe that ‘he who does not know where he is coming from, will not know where he is going’.

Who can be a member

Membership is open to people who originate from Ghana and all others interested in the affairs of Ghana.

Our Community

Helping Our Community Succeed.